Basic Structure of C# Program

Basic Structure of C# Program

What is C#.NET?

C#.NET is one of the Microsoft programming languages.

It is the most powerful programming language among all programming languages available in the .NET framework because it contains all the features of C++, VB.NET, JAVA, and also some additional features.

C#.NET is a completely object-oriented programming language.

This programming language is intended to be a simple, modern, general-purpose object-oriented programming language.

Advantages of using the .NET framework from the C# point of view.

It provides GUI features. Earlier programming languages like C, C++ do not support GUI features but C#.NET will provide complete GUI features. All GUI features are getting from the framework.

Any database will support and perform the operations. Using ADO.NET technology we can perform the operations with any DB server. ADO.NET is also a part of the framework.

It prepares WEB applications. Using ASP.NET technology we can implement web applications. ASP.NET is needed language support so we are using either VB or C# as language supporters. ASP.NET is also a part of the framework.

Different Types of applications were developed using C#.NET.

Windows applications

Web applications

Console applications

Class library:

What is the visual studio?

Visual Studio is one of the Microsoft IDE tools. Using this tool we can implement applications with the .NET framework. This tool provides some features such as




What is a console application?

These applications contain a similar user interface to the OS like MS-DOS, UNIX, etc.

The console application is known as the CUI application because in this application we completely work with the CUI environment.

These applications are similar to c or c++ applications.

Console applications do not provide any GUI facilities like the mouse pointer, colors, buttons, menu bars, etc.

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